Congratulations to the official opening of Kaiyuan Langdong Hospital of Guangxi Medical University

- May 06, 2020-

The hospital is located in the core area of Dadong CBD in Nanning City, with obvious location advantages and convenient transportation. The hospital follows the "small comprehensive, junior college" model, with well-equipped disciplines and prominent key departments. It has formed a first-class physician, medical technology and nursing team led by well-known domestic senior experts and professors, with a core of doctors and masters in the region and abroad. The hospital is also equipped with several international advanced and domestic leading high-end medical equipment such as the first spiral tomography radiotherapy system, ultra-high-end CT and 3.0T magnetic resonance in the Guangxi area, and has built a relatively complete diagnosis and treatment system with strong multidisciplinary comprehensive diagnosis and treatment service capacity.

With the deepening of the medical reform, the state has successively issued a series of policy measures to support and encourage social medical treatment, and promote various capitals to enter the medical market, as an important supplement to the entire medical market, providing different levels of people with different levels of medical service. With the encouragement and support of the social medical policy, Guangyuan Medical University Kaiyuan Langdong Hospital came into being and became the first large-scale comprehensive medical institution in the Dongdong District of Nanning City, filling the medical gap in the region and radiating the surrounding areas. Based on the tenet of "patient first, pursuit of excellence", the hospital continuously improves the quality of medical care, continuously improves the service process, insists on fulfilling its social responsibilities, while providing superb technology and high-quality services, it insists on the implementation of parity charges. Execution of high-level public hospitals, committed to building intimate hospitals around the people to meet the growing diversified health needs of the people.

official opening