Color matching of medical steel doors and medical steel wall panels

- Dec 25, 2019-

Color is ubiquitous in human life. It plays an important role in embellishing the environment, creating atmosphere, and shaping temperament, and it is also true in hospitals.

As far as hospitals are concerned, color is of great significance to both patients and medical staff. It is an important aspect of modern hospital design to make use of the power of color to assist patients, and make psychological adjustments to medical staff. We find that the psychological impact of color is subtle, and different psychological effects can be produced through different color combinations, expressing different spiritual qualities and cultural connotations.



Colors in the interior decoration of the hospital:

The color design of the hospital should take into account the functionality of the environment, and also be conducive to the rehabilitation of patients and the happy mood of medical staff.

Generally speaking, warm colors can make patients feel warm and properly eliminate their fear; light and cool colors can keep patients breathing normally and thinking clearly. The reasonable combination of warm and cold colors can effectively resolve the patient's anxiety and resistance to treatment during the waiting and diagnosis process. The more representative yellow in warm tones is a pleasing color in the color spectrum, and is considered to be a symbol of wisdom and light, which can stimulate people's vitality; the more representative yellow in cold tones is blue, which often gives people Rigorous and refreshing visual experience can relieve inner stress and boredom.


Corridors and other small spaces: In small, similar places like corridors, where people are highly mobile, you can use small-scale decorative paintings that are fresh and elegant in style, which will not attract a large number of people to stop and watch, but also make the active environment atmosphere, giving people Relaxed and elegant psychological feeling. In addition, in narrow spaces with relatively poor natural lighting conditions, proper use of bright colors can increase the sense of spatial distance and reduce the discomfort caused by the cramped space.

Ward: Wards are places for patients and their families to live for a long time. Its environment and decoration will affect the psychology of patients, family members and medical staff at all times. Comfortable warm colors such as yellow, beige and other wall colors can appropriately relieve the patient's anxiety and make their emotions smooth, which is conducive to the treatment and has a supporting effect on rehabilitation.


In addition to the color of the wall, the ward can have a more "homely" warm atmosphere, so that patients and their families can live in a more comfortable mood. The decorative painting with comfortable colors will not only create a friendly and natural feeling, but also enhance the elegance of the entire environment. Atmosphere