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- Dec 19, 2019-

The third-level hospitals (referred to as "third-level hospitals") are medical institutions classified according to the provisions of China's "Administrative Measures for the Management of Hospitals", etc., and are the highest of the "three-level and six-level" classification of hospitals in Mainland China .

The main items for application and assessment of the top three hospitals include medical service and management, medical quality and safety, technical level and efficiency. Private hospitals in the Mainland can also participate in medical grade assessment.

Level 3 (above 501 hospital beds) are regional or higher hospitals that provide high-level medical services and perform higher education and scientific research tasks to their area and surrounding radiation areas. Grade A is based on scoring criteria to obtain more than 900 points.

Tertiary hospital: (the number of beds is 501 or more) is a regional or higher hospital that provides high-level specialized medical services and performs higher education and scientific research tasks to several regions. Grade A: A score of more than 900 points based on the 1,000-point scale.

The specific conditions are as follows:

1. The hospital should have a formal ward and a certain number of bed facilities. It mainly focuses on inpatient diagnosis and treatment, and generally has corresponding outpatient departments;

2. There should be basic medical equipment and set up medical technology diagnosis and treatment departments such as pharmacy, inspection, radiation, surgery and disinfection supply;

3. Should be able to provide qualified and reasonable medical treatment, nursing and basic living services to inpatients;

4. There should be corresponding and systematic staffing;

5. There should be corresponding working systems and rules and regulations;

6. There should be a corresponding hospital culture.


Equipment requirements

1. Beds

The total number of hospital beds is 501 or more.

Section setting

(1) Clinical department: at least there are emergency department, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, Chinese medicine, otolaryngology, stomatology, ophthalmology, dermatology, anesthesia, rehabilitation, preventive health care

(2) Medical technology department: at least pharmacy department, laboratory department, radiology department, operating room, pathology department, blood transfusion department, nuclear medicine department, physical therapy department (could be set up with rehabilitation department), disinfection supply room, medical record room, Nutrition Department and corresponding clinical function examination room.

Third, personnel

(1) Each bed is equipped with at least 1.03 health technicians;

(B) at least 0.4 nurses per bed;

(3) The director of each specialty department shall have the title of deputy chief physician or above;

(4) No less than 2 clinical nutritionists;

(5) The proportion of engineering and technical personnel (technicians, assistant engineers and above) in the total number of health technical personnel is not less than 1%.

4. Housing

(1) The building area of each room is not less than 60 square meters;

(2) The net use area of each bed in the ward is not less than 6 square meters;

(3) The average daily outpatient visits occupies an area of no less than 4 square meters.

Five, equipment

(1) Basic equipment:

Oxygen supply device ventilator, electric aspirator automatic gastric lavage machine, electrocardiogram machine, cardiac defibrillator, ECG monitor multifunctional rescue bed, universal operating table shadowless lamp, anesthesia machine anesthesia monitor, high-frequency electric knife, mobile X Optical machine, X-ray machine B-ultrasound, Doppler imager, dynamic electrocardiogram machine, electroencephalogram machine, cerebral blood flow map machine, hemodialyzer, pulmonary function meter.

Bronchoscopy esophagus, gastroscope duodenoscope, sigmoidoscopy colonoscope, proctoscope laparoscope, cystoscope, hysteroscopy, gynecological examination table birth monitor, universal birth bed, fetal monitor, baby incubator, orthopedic traction Bed, slit lamp, dental treatment chair, turbo dental drill, silver mercury agitator, microscope, biochemical analyzer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, microplate reader urine analyzer, analytical balance, automatic cell filter, washing cart, refrigerator, Incubator, centrifuge dressing cabinet, equipment cabinet, freezing microtome, paraffin microtome, autoclave equipment, still, UV lamp, glove dryer, powder washing machine, washing machine, washing tool, lower delivery truck, etc. Water, hot water, purification and filtration system net storage, disinfection and sterilization closed cabinet, ventilation and cooling, drying equipment, heat source monitoring equipment (thermostat, purification table, drying box).

(2) The unit equipment of each bed in the ward is the same as that of the second-level general hospital;

(3) There are other equipment corresponding to the subjects of diagnosis and treatment.

6. Establish various rules and regulations, and personnel post responsibility system. There are medical nursing technical operation regulations formulated or approved by the state, and it is available in a book.

7. The registered funds are in place and the amount shall be determined by the health administrative departments of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.


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