Analysis of the demand situation of the hospital furniture industry

- Dec 16, 2019-

In recent years, with the support and emphasis of the relevant national policies on the medical industry, people's emphasis on the medical industry has also increased, the scale of hospital diagnosis and treatment has gradually expanded, and the source of doctors and patients has continued to increase. The requirements are constantly increasing, and the management of hospital furniture before and after use also changes.

What is hospital furniture management?

Refers to the sum of a series of tasks such as the use of hospital furniture, final payment and sizing, arrival and acceptance, storage, allocation, maintenance, inspection, and furniture scrapping. The purpose is to better assist daily medical activities, timely meet the medical treatment needs of medical staff, and better meet the needs of patients.

Given that China's hospital furniture has only been incorporated into the overall design planning of the hospital construction stage in recent years, the related industry standards rarely mention the word "hospital furniture", and hospital furniture management methods are relatively backward.

The current situation of hospital furniture management in China has three points:

First, start late

Second, obsolete ideas

Third, management methods are backward.

Because some medical institutions do not pay attention to the daily management of medical furniture, or are unclear, they do not provide timely support for the daily maintenance of logistical maintenance, which leads to the inability to provide timely support for the development of hospital diagnosis and treatment.

Hospital furniture management and maintenance play a huge role in the development of medical care. Good medical furniture maintenance methods and methods, that is, to extend the service life of existing furniture, can also reduce the purchase of new furniture, reduce the burden of operating costs, while avoiding The workload of medical personnel supports the normal operation of the front line.


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