2015 hospital furniture function and safety are more important

- Apr 21, 2019-

2015 hospital furniture function and safety are more important

With the acceleration of China's urbanization. As an important supporting facility for the city, new hospitals are constantly appearing on maps of new urban areas. New city construction requires a large number of hospital furniture procurement projects. What kind of hospital furniture is needed in the market today? How is hospital furniture different from other homes? Sail furniture believes in the design, manufacturing, service and other links to analyze the current situation of hospital furniture procurement.

In the past two years, with the pace of the construction of new cities around the country, new hospitals have emerged, and hospital furniture procurement projects have gradually increased. Hospital furniture has become the largest category of furniture in addition to office furniture and school furniture. According to the incomplete statistics of the "Government Purchasing Information" reporter, from January 1 to October 31, 2014, 133 hospital furniture procurement projects were completed nationwide, with a procurement scale of 320 million yuan. While this segment of hospital furniture has attracted more attention, suppliers participating in the project have found that the types of furniture purchased by hospitals are increasing, and the requirements for furniture quality are improving in all directions. The industry believes that the new hospital furniture not only needs to be environmentally friendly, safe, and functional, but also needs to pay attention to the comfort of both doctors and patients during the design, and requires the furniture to fit into the space to play its role.

There are a wide variety of hospital furniture: look at the functional area of the hospital, we can intuitively feel the richness of hospital furniture. Now, a hospital is often divided into four large areas, the outpatient area, the administrative area, the logistics area, and the inpatient department. The four large areas are also distributed with different functional areas. For example, the outpatient area has a waiting area, an emergency room, a consultation area, a laboratory, a nurse station, etc., while the logistics department has offices, bathhouses, canteens, etc. . The furniture required for each of the above areas is different. The furniture required for the hospital covers office furniture, civil furniture, medical furniture, and laboratory furniture.


A hospital needs to meet the needs of hundreds, even thousands of patients for treatment, eating and accommodation, and naturally requires more types of furniture. The general hospital will subcontract the purchase of furniture according to the needs of the hospital's functional areas. At present, some hospitals with relatively large purchases will conduct public bidding on the furniture needed in various areas of the hospital. For example, Guangzhou Cancer University Affiliated Tumor Hospital has two open tendering furniture projects this year, which are the purchase amount of 7.355 million yuan, "Office Furniture Purchasing Project of Auxiliary Medical Building of Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University" and the purchase amount of 10.3983 million yuan. Laboratory equipment manufacturing and installation project of Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Hospital. The two projects purchased medical office furniture and hospital laboratory furniture.

Products should be integrated into the space: In today's human-oriented design concept, the industry believes that no matter what kind of hospital furniture should be environmental protection and safety in the first place, while paying attention to the functionality and comfort of furniture. Incorporating furniture into space can help it maximize its effectiveness.

An office furniture enterprise designing the furniture layout plan of the hospital clinic and the example of the furniture of the clinic can facilitate the reader to better understand the inseparable relationship between furniture and space. If you want to design a clinic, you should first measure the area of the clinic. When it is determined that the office requires one office space and two office chairs, the furniture company staff will start to ask the hospital for special requirements, and it is learned that the clinic needs to pay special attention to privacy. . Combining various factors, the furniture company has given such a plan, the screen on the desk is raised, and the screen is facing the door to ensure privacy; the maximum seat height of the doctor's office chair is raised from 440mm to 460mm, which is convenient for doctors to consult and avoid. Long-term bowel fatigue; increase the hardness of the patient's seat surface, reduce the difficulty of getting weak patients to get up; the color of the furniture should be elegant, warm and warm to add comfort. From the furniture placement scheme of this clinic, we will find that if there is no space, any part of the furniture design, the function of the furniture can not be fully exerted.

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