Wood Top Rolling Over Bed Table

Wood Top Rolling Over Bed Table

The wood top rolling over bed table can solve the problems that the tabletop of the bedside table on the market cannot rotate, and the bedside table has good mobility and poor fixing.
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The wood top rolling over bed table can be folded and stored freely, and can be moved at any time, does not occupy the bed space and can prevent the user from falling when sleeping, not only can solve the daily needs of bedridden patients, but also can be used as a workbench.

top rolling over bed table


1. With lifting and rotating functions, until you find a suitable posture and angle.

2. With universal wheel, it can be moved easily.

3. size:L800*W400*H750-1000mm


1. The angle of the main board can be adjusted, and the angle can be adjusted according to the posture of reading to reduce eye strain.

2. The side panel is fixed, and you can place items such as water cups and mice that need to be placed horizontally.

3. The desktop is very smooth and not easy to stick to dust, you only need to wipe gently to clean.

wood rolling over bed table

After Sales Service

1. Production cycle: 30-45 working days.

2. According to the customer's specific situation, we provide process and design analysis, and provide customers with the best technical solutions based on the experience of previous successful projects.

3. After the sales staff signs the contract, they will continue to track the contract until the product is delivered.

If you interested in our product, we shall be glad to give your our favorable quotations upon receive of your detailed requirements.

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