Temperature Measurement Gate

Temperature Measurement Gate

Long-distance high-precision human body temperature measurement security gate is a safety detection gate integrating human body temperature detection and metal detection.
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Product Introduction

This temperature measurement gate uses a professional human body infrared temperature measurement chip, which can automatically measure and accurately calculate, built-in rich clinical medical data, and can be adaptively adjusted according to the ambient temperature, the measurement results reflect the real human body temperature.

TheSecurity Metal Detection Gate


This product integrates infrared automatic temperature measurement with metal security inspection. In front of the security door, infrared human body temperature is measured first. When the body temperature is normal, the sluice gate is opened and passed. If the body temperature is abnormal, an alarm is issued and the sluice gate is not turned on.

Security Metal Detection Gate


1.Can greatly reduce the workload and personnel input of human body temperature measurement.

2.Can greatly improve the speed of human body temperature measurement.

3.Can greatly reduce the risk of infection of testing staff.

4. Realize automatic temperature measurement and pass through without feeling, reducing the panic caused by temperature measurement.

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