Medical Stainless Steel Table

The medical stainless steel table can be recycled and will not rust, opening a new era of green and healthy medical treatment for the hospital.
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The medical stainless steel table has strong corrosion resistance, is more healthy and environmentally friendly, does not require special care and maintenance, and is very suitable for hospital use.

stainless steel table


1.The material of this medical stainless steel table is made of high-pressure stamping plastic, the craft is exquisite, the surface is smooth and delicate without burrs.

2. The surface of this medical stainless steel table is processed through multiple processes to greatly improve the corrosion resistance.

3. The plasma is separated by high temperature to form an oxide film, which makes the medical stainless steel table more durable.


1. It has the advantages of anti-static, moisture-proof and rust-proof, high temperature resistance, safety and environmental protection.

2. This medical stainless steel table is lighter than a wooden table, easy to move, and suitable for many occasions.

3. There are multiple beam support points to make the table load-bearing capacity better.

medical stainless steel workbench

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