Medical Shoes Cabinet

shoes cabinet is suitable for hospital workers to put their shoes into the small box to keep their shoes clean. it depends on you how many layers and boxes you want. So does the col.
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medical shoes cabinet



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Product description

1. Mainly made of aluminum alloy profiles, the surface of the aluminum alloy is anodized and oxidized. It is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and sprayed to prevent rust.

2. The exterior package adopts modern new composite aluminum plate, and the drawer adopts flexible pulley guide wheel to reduce power consumption and free movement.

3. There are four universal wheels built into the cabinet feet, which can be easily transported without any effort. When fixed, there is a horizontal adjustment device.

4. The cabinet is equipped with a lock to avoid file loss

Design concept

This styling is a good way to assist nurses in their daily care work, and it is easy to check and manage the long-term and temporary medical advice issued by doctors and manage them. It is convenient for patients and their families to make them feel happy and gratified, increase their affection for hospitals and effectively avoid disputes between doctors and patients.