Straight Line Nursing Reception Desk

Straight Line Nursing Reception Desk

In the straight line nursing reception desk of this arrangement, medical staff can easily reach each ward, which is widely used in practical projects.
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Product Details

Product Introduction

The straight line nursing reception desk is located in the middle of the nursing unit. This arrangement is centered on the nurse station, and all wards are arranged around the nursing unit.

straight line reception desk

Product Parameter

Materialcountertop is artificial marble stone, body is steel
Specific usagenurse station,triangle, registration hall, center desk,Pediatrics desk,Obstetrics and Gynecology desk
Applicationoffice, hospital lobby, nurse station,Inpatient department,outpatient departmentect.
AdvantageFree pollution, easy cleaning, waterproof,scratch resistance, renewable, joint seamless


1. This straight line nursing reception desk has corrosion resistance. It is to prevent medical staff from pouring drugs onto the nurse station workbench.

2. Comfortable straight line nursing reception desk helps medical staff get familiar with the environment faster.

3. The straight line nursing reception desk demonstrated the new standards implemented by the hospital and improved the quality and efficiency of the work of the referral staff.

Straight Line Reception Desk3

After Sales Service

1. Production cycle: 30-45 working days.

2. According to the customer's specific situation, we provide process and design analysis, and provide customers with the best technical solutions based on the experience of previous successful projects.

3. After the sales staff signs the contract, they will continue to track the contract until the product is delivered.

4. For customers who want to go to the factory for inspection before delivery, the sales staff will actively contact and the company will actively cooperate to ensure the smooth progress of the inspection.

If you have an interest can contact me, we'll provide you with excellent products and services!

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