Personnel Disinfection Channel

The personnel disinfection channel can be deployed according to different scenarios. Perform temperature screening at the entrances and exits of each channel, and pass quickly in 15s per person to avoid congestion and reduce the risk of cross-infection.
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Product Introduction

The personnel disinfection channel can effectively disinfect and sterilize personnel, and can effectively kill bacteria and viruses carried in clothing, and the bacteria carried on the soles of the shoes can be cleaned and disinfected to reduce the chance of human infection with bacteria and viruses.

Rapid disinfection channel for personnel


1. The personnel disinfection channel is suitable for hospitals, schools, construction sites, supermarkets, shopping malls, communities, farms, pharmaceutical factories, food factories and other industries.

2. The product is simple and safe, and can intuitively and accurately determine whether the person has abnormal temperature. If there is an abnormal situation, there is a voice alarm and cannot pass through the disinfection channel.

3. The automatic induction spray equipment is equipped with a moving object induction sensor. If it detects that someone has entered, it will automatically start the fog machine to spray disinfectant into the disinfection channel.

4. The product uses food-grade disinfectant to ensure human health and safety.

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