Environmental Protection Medical Locker

The significance of hospital furniture design also includes in-depth understanding and meeting the needs of hospital staff as much as possible. This environmental protection medical locker is very suitable for the use of hospital staff.
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The environmental protection medical locker is designed by a modular combination, which has a high degree of flexibility and meets the needs of efficient operation in the medical environment.

medical locker


1. Use E1 grade environmental protection board, healthy and durable.

2. High-quality hinges with beautiful surfaces and cushioned opening and closing design are the preferred materials for the hardware industry.

3. This environmental protection medical locker uses solid lock bolts and is equipped with a special key lock for high security.


1. The environmental protection medical locker can be arbitrarily combined with counters according to the number of users, or it can be adapted to local conditions according to the size of the space.

2. The cabinet door is equipped with an automatic rebound device, which has excellent performance and can well relieve the impact and wear pressure caused by frequent use.

3. Equipped with a environmental protection medical locker can make space allocation reasonable, sort storage, orderly, and meet the various needs of medical staff.

environmental protection locker

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