Hospital Dormitory Double Deck Bed

The hospital dormitory double deck bed can save considerable space in a difficult room, and also provides convenience for the daily life of medical staff.
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The hospital dormitory double deck bed can save space. For the same space, the single bed can only be used by one person, and the hospital dormitory double deck bed can be used by two people. For dormitories with relatively small space, bunk beds are definitely the best choice.

dormitory double deck bed


1. Played a very important role in changing the space.

2. Use widened and firm pedals, which are not easy to slip, and have a larger and safer bearing area.

3. The bed board is firm and firm, without the smell of processing.


1. This hospital dormitory double deck bed has good static bending strength, which can ensure a beautiful shape.

2. Corrosion resistance, no matter what environment, can maintain good performance.

3. Use excellent materials, easy to cut and process furniture.

hospital double deck bed

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