Baby Changing Station With Bath

The countertop and body of the baby changing station with bath are integrally formed by polymer material with plastic mold. The material has high compressive strength, good elasticity, oxidation resistance, high acid and alkali resistance, smooth and easy to clean surface, extremely low bacterial adhesion, beautiful and environmentally friendly.
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The baby changing station with bath has a curved shape designed for baby showers. The pool can be covered with anti-infection disposable plastic sleeves. There are anti-overflow ditches and drains on the side of the pool. Temperature-controlled operating system, there is a dedicated area for bathing supplies by the pool.

baby changing station


1. The standard structure is the baby wash station + nursing station, the standard size is 2440*735*820(H)mm, and the width of the washing table and the width of the nursing table are each 1220mm.

2. This supply price is a complete set of baby wash station + nursing platform, non-standard products can be customized within a certain range.

3. Configuration: The baby wash station configuration includes: acrylic wash basin, hot water thermostatic control valve, special pull-type washable shower, water intake and drainage components.


1. The swimming pool configuration includes: acrylic swimming pool, hot water thermostatic control valve, shower-type faucet, and inlet and outlet components.

2. The frame of the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel. The cabinet door is made of luxurious apple green paint or stainless steel.Water storage type electric water heaters, water filters and other things are optional devices that can be built into the cabinet.

3. Special edging treatment on the four sides of the countertop, so that the entire countertop forms a basin structure, effectively preventing the baby and items from slipping during the operation.

hospital baby changing station

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