Hospital Front Reception Desk

The hospital front reception desk allows medical staff to keep abreast of the patient's mood and their various needs in a timely manner, and answer their questions.
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Product Details

Product Introduction

At the hospital front reception desk, medical staff can allow patients to seek medical treatment in order, which is conducive to maintaining the order of outpatient services.

Front Reception Desk

Product Parameter

1. The hospital front reception desk uses medical steel cabinet and medical artificial stone countertop.

2. The cabinet adopts Baosteel SECC double-sided electrolytic steel plate.

3. The spraying adopts pipeline spraying to avoid the influence of human factors on the processing accuracy and lead to quality differences between products.


1. After multiple process steps, the density is higher than the previous spraying process.

2. This hospital front reception desk belongs to baking lacquer craft products. Even if the temperature of the iron cup reaches 60-80 degrees, it will not affect the surface.

3. If there is no mechanical damage, the nurse station is still as bright as it is after many years.

Hospital Front Desk

After Sales Service

1. Production cycle: 30-45 working days.

2. According to the customer's specific situation, we provide process and design analysis, and provide customers with the best technical solutions based on the experience of previous successful projects.

3. After the sales staff signs the contract, they will continue to track the contract until the product is delivered.

4. For customers who want to go to the factory for inspection before delivery, the sales staff will actively contact and the company will actively cooperate to ensure the smooth progress of the inspection.

if you interested in our product, we shall be glad to give your our favorable quotations upon receive of your detailed requirements.

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