Dental technician table

Dental technician table

This is a dental technician table specially designed for stomatological clinics. According to the design of different clinics, it can provide different styles and various styles and sizes.
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Product Details

Product Introduction

When the dentist performs the operation, due to the low light in the oral cavity and the limited regional operation, it needs to be extremely careful. At the same time, different tools need to be selected during the operation, so the dentist needs a comfortable dental technician table to work.

dental technician


1. Using high-quality E1 multi-layer board, automatic edge banding machine to complete the edge banding.

2. The countertop is made of acrylic artificial stone, which has the characteristics of anti-permeability, anti-fouling and inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

3. The back stop of the acrylic table top adopts the arc bottom technology, which is beautiful and has no hygienic dead corners and no bacteria.


1. Reasonable dental technician table layout can not only avoid unnecessary repetitive actions during the operation, but also make the clinic room clean and tidy, thereby improving the efficiency of the dentist.

2. The combined structure of the new fixed operating table, storage tank and lifting multi-layer mobile operating table effectively expands the storage space.

3. The visible range of the placed items is large, and the access is convenient, so that the implementation of the disinfection and isolation system is more in place.

dental table

After Sales Service

1. Production cycle: 30-45 working days.

2. According to the customer's specific situation, we provide process and design analysis, and provide customers with the best technical solutions based on the experience of previous successful projects.

3. After the sales staff signs the contract, they will continue to track the contract until the product is delivered.

4. For customers who want to go to the factory for inspection before delivery, the sales staff will actively contact and the company will actively cooperate to ensure the smooth progress of the inspection.

If you have an interest can contact me, we'll provide you with excellent products and services!

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