Medical isolation Eyes Cover

It consists of a sterile protective cover for single use, which is used to protect the face of an individual and can effectively block body fluids, blood splashes or splashes.
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Product Details

Product Introduction

Isolation Eyes Cover are mainly used for protection during inspection and treatment in medical institutions. This product has the functions of anti-shock, anti-blood splatter, and blocking body fluids. The flat-curved frame can fit the contours of the face well and feel comfortable when worn.


1. Unpack the inner packaging, remove the isolation mask product, and remove the protection film on both sides.

2. After the two ends of the foam strip (commonly known as elastic band) are fastened, wear it on the forehead to adjust it comfortably.

Protective gear

Anti-epidemic appliances


1. Do not expose the isolation eyes cover to strong sunlight.

2. Handle carefully. The part of the isolation eyes cover must not touch sharp objects.

3. Do not use if the packaging damaged or time expires.

Storage conditions

It should be stored in a room with relative humidity not exceeding 80%, no corrosiveas, and well-ventilated.

Medical anti-epidemic materials

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