Daily Convenient Safety Glasses

The product is made from IRPC lenses, which are an important part of personal protective gear and are good at protecting the face from injury.
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Product Details

Product Introduction

safety glasses are a special type of glasses, which are designed to prevent radioactive, chemical, mechanical and light damage at different wavelengths. This product can change the transmitted light intensity and spectrum, which can effectively avoid the damage caused by the radiated light to the eyes.

Eye protection

Product Parameter

packageThe Chinese and English instructions are printed on the package
carton quantity250pcs


1. Unpack the inner packaging, remove the safety glasses product, and remove the protective film on both sides.

2, Hold the leg of the miror in both hands and pull it off in parallel directions on both sides of the cheek.

Daily safety equipment


1. Take off the lens with both hands and gently put it. If the glasses are temporarily placed, the lens should be placed with the convex side facing.

2.Please do not place it in direct sunlight or high temperature in the front window of the cab to avoid damage to the lens.

3.Prevent heavy falls and pressure, prevent hard objects from rubbing the lens.


Do not use if the packaging damaged or time expires.

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