Reception Station

Type:reception desk
Color:as requirement
Supply Ability: 50pcs for one month
Port:Guangzhou Huangpu or Shenzhen Yiantian port
Min. Order: 1 (Pieces)
Packaging Detail: Foam or PET cover the surface and then wooden box
Delivery Detail: 15 working days
Shipment Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union,PayPal
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Product Details

reception station


Product’s Basic information
Item No.YDPNS01
Product’s Namenurse station
Description/Materials1. Countertop: Made of GM medical antibacterial artificial marble. Pass the provincial inspection and testing institution qualification certification.
2. Cabinet: The cabinet adopts GM medical electrolytic steel plate, the thickness of the steel plate is 0.8mm-1.0mm, and the door of the cabinet adopts the aluminum alloy one-shaped handle. Pass the provincial inspection and testing institution qualification certification.
3. Spraying: It adopts medical antibacterial spraying treatment, the powder coating thickness is 60-80um, and the process of high temperature leveling and solidification makes the anti-corrosion and impact resistance of the spray coating higher than the national standard, and the coating adhesion reaches To level 2. The surface is sprayed with brilliant colors; it has environmental protection, anti-bacteria, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, high insulation, strong adhesion, anti-friction and other technical characteristics according to the requirements of the hospital.
4. Process: The overall resistance welding process is used, and there is no exposed solder joint. The cabinet needs to be fully enclosed top plate (to strengthen the table top support), double-layer door panel design, built-in door panel technology, the door opening angle reaches 90 degrees, and there are reinforcing ribs inside to improve the service life of the door, and the movable layer is bent on four sides. The height can be adjusted freely, the layer hook is 2.0 thick, can be freely disassembled, and the height can be adjusted step by step. The layer rib can withstand 50KG. The one-piece door handle is made of a straight-shaped aluminum alloy handle with the same length as the door panel. It is flush with the door panel. The built-in magnetic function of the cabinet door is closer to the cabinet.
5. Hardware: It is connected by well-known brand hinges. The guide rail adopts well-known brand medical three-section ball guide rail, which can pull freely and can load 45KG load weight in the drawer.
Specification/SizeMedical antibacterial steel
Nurse Station / Guide Desk
Nurse station body / round1000*350/650*740/1180
Artificial Marble-Countertop1000*350*40
Artificial Marble-Under Countertop1000*650*40
Single door single pump400*430*650
Three drawers400*430*650
Four drawers400*430*650
Double door double draw800*430*650
Main cabinet300*430*650
Medical record cabinet985*450*680
Steel keyboard standstandard
SUS304 baseboard1000*100*1
External marble1000*1000*12
Nurse deskSide door1000*1000
Guide table light box / curvedLight box1000*300*400
Guide table background wallBackground wall1000*1000
Underside cleaning and plate1000*1000
shapeline shape/C shape/circle shape/L shape
Colorsas the customer's require
Uses and scope of usenurse&doctor
Scope of applicationhospital/clinic
The main purposeit is the nurse's workplace, where it communicates the execution of doctor's orders, record the progress of the research patients,masters the emergency call of the patient, controls the idle personel, and receives the visiting personnel.

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2. Free 3D drawing can be offered

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4. Professional overseas exporting experience can be offered.

5. Professional installation instruction or drawing can be offered.


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