Clinic Office Table

clinic check in,hospital front desk,medical inquiry table,nurse office desk,nurses working table,registration table,request center
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we are good at making differenct kinds of desk and table and station, include below clinic check in,hospital front desk,medical inquiry table,nurse office desk,nurses working table,registration table,request center.

clinic check in

clinic check in

hospital front desk

hospital front desk

medical inquiry table

medical inquiry table

nurse office desk

nurse office desk

nurses working table

nurses working table

request center

request center

Clinic Office Table

production discription


surface mat
aritificial marble
inside mat
stainless steel frame
size size can be customized
shapeas picture or customized
finishhigh gloss or matte
serviceprofessional designing&installing suggestion;free design service,etc
brandYDP or OEM
MOQ1 set
colas customized
trading termEXW/FOB/LC


1.You'd better keep the Acrylic Surface dry.

 2.Keep the Acrylic Surface away from strong chemicals, like paint cleaning agent, metal cleaning agent, strong acid cleaning agent,etc.

 3.Do not cut food on the surface directly and put overweight thing on the countertop.

 4.Use the suds or the cleanser contained ammonia to clean scale.

 5.To repair scratches, use 400-600# sanding paper to polish, then use cleanser and fabric to clean it to matte. Use 800-1200# sand paper and wax to polishing the surface to be high gloss.

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Design concept

The design concept is novel and generous, intimate and elegant, practical and warm, the shape, color and environment are naturally coordinated, curved and rounded design, anti-collision patients and their families, using internal stainless steel baseboard to prevent touch, and the design of the platform is neat and uniform. The inside computer is embedded, which increases the privacy, and the design of the main cabinet is hollow. There is no support frame to avoid the injury to the nursing staff. The matching cabinet equipped with the universal wheel can be moved freely according to the demand. The station has strong and weak point cable position inside, the wiring is well organized, and the hanging inspection door can easily check the line fault. problem.

Product description

1. The countertop is made of medical grade artificial stone (the main component is composite acrylic resin ≥28%+aluminum powder). Its material thickness is ≥1.2cm; easy to clean, anti-fouling, anti-penetration, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, no Characteristics such as poison; meet the high standard requirements of the top three hospitals.

2. The countertop is made of medical artificial stone; its material thickness is ≥1.2cm; it meets the environmental sanitation requirements of hospitals and other high standards.

3. Cabinet: Baosteel SECC double-sided electrolytic steel plate, steel plate thickness ≥0.7-1.0. At the same time, the steel plate meets the EU's RoHS non-toxic requirements. The carbon content is 41*103, the manganese content is 20*103, the phosphorus content is 21*103, the yield is 213 MPa, the tensile strength is 348 MPa, and the elongation is 39%.

4. Spraying: The surface of the steel plate is sprayed with environmentally-friendly indoor epoxy resin. The thickness of the coating film is uniform. The thickness of the powder coating is 60-80um. After high-temperature leveling and solidification, the spray coating is corrosion-resistant and resistant. The impact performance is higher than the national standard, and the coating adhesion reaches 2 levels. The surface of the powder is gorgeous

5. Process: The overall resistance welding process, no exposed solder joints

6. The guide rail adopts DTC medical three-section ball guide, the material Q235 strip steel, pull freely, can put 45KG load weight in the drawer

7. The movable layer is bent on four sides, and the height can be adjusted freely. The layer hook is 2.0 thick, which can be freely disassembled and adjusted step by step. The layer rib can withstand 50KG. The hidden curling handle is used for bending and forming.

Paint furniture advantages:

1. Bright color, full of extravagance, has a strong visual impact.

2. Moisture-proof, waterproof performance is superior, not afraid of wet weather.

3. Strong anti-fouling ability, no oil leakage, indicating that the dirt is easy to clean, but also has corrosion resistance.

4. High stability, wear resistance, durability and hardness.

5. No need to seal, fire performance is good.

After sales service

1. Production cycle: 30-45 working days

2. In order to ensure the safety of the product reaches the customer's hands, the packaging has strict requirements. The high-elastic pearl cotton and thick anti-vibration foam board are used to make the base layer, and the outer frame is protected by high-strength 3-plywood and high-toughness wood strip.

3. Pre-sales: Sales personnel negotiate with customers, and actively contact with the company's designers, technology and other related departments. According to the customer's specific conditions, we provide process and design analysis, and provide customers with the best technical solutions based on the experience of previous successful projects. .

4. In the sale: In addition to the contract can be signed by the sales staff, after signing the contract, they will continue to take the lead in tracking the contract until the product is delivered. For the users who want to go to the factory for inspection before delivery, the sales staff will actively contact, and the company actively cooperates to ensure the smooth progress of the inspection.

5. After-sales: Provide comprehensive installation, placement and acceptance work to achieve user satisfaction. After the product installation and acceptance, the company implements a one-year warranty period service. Once the company signs a contract with the user, it will establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

Our service

Over the years, we have focused on the production and manufacture of various medical space functional cabinets, laboratories, and medical space inspection professional counters. Guangzhou Youde has a strong sense of responsibility and strict work flow:

a. Before production, design a single piece The diagram and renderings are sent to the customer for confirmation.

b. In the production process, the person in charge is responsible for following each step, and coordinating the inspection work with the factory quality inspection department to take high-definition pictures for the customer to control each progress.

c. After the production is completed, the packing will be arranged in time to catch up with your schedule.


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