Ward Beside Cabinet

Ward Beside Cabinet

The side cabinet is a locker with a storage function at the bedside, which can be used to place the patient's daily necessities.,Thickened ABS panel with excellent impact resistance, heat resistance and good surface gloss performance.
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Using this ward bedside cabinet to store items, you can place the items that the patient needs daily, which brings great convenience to the patient's daily life, and can make the environment of the ward more tidy, making the patient more convenient and comfortable, helpful Because the patient recovers faster.

hospital bedside cabinet


1. This ward bedside cabinet has an adjustable partition to adjust the storage space at will.

2. The use space in the ward bedside cabinet is large, and the patient can place many items.

3. The use of adjustable partitions can be selected according to how many items need to be stored.

4. This ward bedside cabinet is available in many materials, styles and sizes.


1. This ward bedside cabinet has a practical towel rack, equipped with a push-pull drawer and curved buckle, which is more convenient to use.

2. The partition in the cabinet can be removed to turn the ward bedside cabinet into a large storage box.

3. With a small drawer, you can place the patient's daily debris.

4. There is also a push-pull debris tray on the top, which is convenient for patients or family members to place debris.

medical ward bedside cabinet

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